Eid Mubarak to all of you. Stay blessed. Keep smiling 

किया दीदार चाँद-ए-ईद का सबने, 

मेरा चाँद आज भी बादलो मे छिपा रहा! 

हुई बारिश रहमत की सारे जहाँ मे, 

मुझ नापाक को सूखा मयस्सर रहा!!


निकला हूँ कफन ओढकर तेरी गली से, 

झूठी ही सही थोडी मोहब्बत जता देना! 

मिलेगे ना हम दोबारा कभी अब,

बरसा रहमत थोडी इक आखिर दीदार करा देना!! 

Blue Sky tag Blog awards

Blue Sky Tag Blog. 

Hey friend, 
                  I have nominated for this awards. It’s a wonderful feeling. You all guys give me tremendous support so heartly thanks to everyone. A beautiful girl, very good friend of mine and a fabulous blogger SHAYRA nominated me. Thank u so much. Friends please visit on her blog. She is an extra ordinary writer. After reading the contents, you will know why she is my one of the favorite blogger. 


1. Thank the person who nominated you
2. Answer their 11 questions
3. Nominate (tag) 11 people

4. Give them 11 questions to answer

Shayra’s Question for me:-

1)What you like the most in my  blogs?

2)Your favourite hobby?

3)Your deepest desire ?

4)The incidence which changed your life?

5)Any suggestions for my blogs?

6) Reveal your shady ,dark side?(Choice is yours)

7) Biggest fear ?

8)Your favourite past time ?

9)Anything you want to know about me?

10)What you love most in your life?

11)What’s your plans for future?

My Answers are following :-

1) Way of writing and the pure emotions

2) reading Novels and poems

3) To be an writer

4) A person which is the reason of my poems. 

5) yes, write more. We all love your contents. 

6) Can’t get the most precious one. 

7) Criticism 

8) My scool time

9) Yes, from where you get the inspiration to write such a lovely content. 

10) my mom

11) Complete my engineering and make carrier in it. Yes, I will like to write a novel. Try to write poem as a professional. 

My questions for nominees :-

1) favorite blogger

2) Best incident of life

3) worst time of life

4) why you like to write

5) if get a chance to go in past, what will u change? 

6) which my post you like most? 

7) The demarit of my blog

8) Any suggestions for me? 

9) if your love is lost, what will you do? Move forward or try to get her back. 

10) why did you join wordpress? 

11) What’s your inspiration to write? 

My nominees are:-

1) Rupali G

2) Anurag

3) DeendyalSonia

4) Aarti Manekar

5)Blooming soul

6) Md Danish Ansari

7) Ajay Vyas

8) Tanupriyasharma

9) Shambhavi31

10) Swalia


Thank u to read. Stay happy. Stay blessed and love u all. 

Keep smiling….. 

अजब दुनिया 

अजब दुनिया है ये सारी, 

कथनी-करनी मे अंतर भारी! 

इबादत करते इश्क़ की, 

दिलो मे नफ़रत की आग जारी!! 

लबो पर मित्रता झलकती, 

जेहन मे शत्रु भाव भारी! 

सामने दुआ सलाम, 

पीछे गालियों का दौर जारी!! 

आम से खास तक, 

सभी इस कुंठित सोच के प्रहरी! 

अदावत सिमटी संसद तक, 

दिल्लगी दोनो की गुपचुप जारी!!

मर्यादा गिरी इस कदर, 

वार्ता मे भी तू तू – मै मै जारी! 

जो कहे सत्य, 

उस पर सरकारी फास बड़ी भारी!! 

Sunshine Blogger award


img_20170621_134416Few days ago I joined the WordPress community. I was thinking to get a platform. All my fellow bloggers give me this platform. Your appreciation, support is very consistent. I want to say thanks to all of you. 

     Rupali, you are my one of the favorite blogger. Your post give the moment of happiness. I want to say, ” please keep writing for us. ” Guys please visit on Rupali’s blog. You will find some extra ordinary contents. 

Link: http://rupaligoyal.wordPress.com/

Questions :

  1. Describe yourself in 3 lines.
  2. What is the one most important thing in your life?
  3. What gives your heart genuine happiness?
  4. What is your wildest dream?
  5. What do you do when you feel completely broken and drained?
  6. What is your biggest weakness?
  7. Name 3 of your favorite foods.
  8. About what would you prefer to talk about the most?
  9. Do you take being extra emotional as a positive point or a negative point?
  10. What is the one trait that attracts you the most when you meet someone new?
  11. What is your all time favorite quote?

Answer :

1. This is very difficult question but let me try.. 

Engineer by profession and Sayar by heart. I m too shy. Love and pain is the reason to write. I m proud to be a human only. 

2. Writing and my dreams

3. my mma’s love

4. To lost my dream

5. Live alone, talk to myself and write poems. 

6. Fear of criticism and loss

7. Chhola Bhatura, pizza, Gajar ka Hlwa. 

8. Shayari, love and pain

9. It’s a negative thing if we show in front of world because they never cares. 

10. The thought and common sense 

11. Live every single moment of life. 

List of the person I like to nominate:-

1. http://daneelyunus.wordpress.com

2. http://eternaltryst.WordPress.com/ Abhay

3. http://aethist.wordpress.com/ Shayra

4. http://freetoexpress.wordpress. com/ Shraddha

5. http://prashasti125.wordpress.com/

6. http://boywithcurlhair.wordpress.com / Himanshu

7. http://thecagedbirdsingweb.wordpress.com / Himanshi

8. http://trueheartgaurav.wordpress.com / @gaurave

9. http://devikaparekh.wordpress.com

10. http://sreepriyamenon.wordpress.com

11. http://snehablog2017.wordpress.com / स्मृति स्नेहा 


Here are the Sunshine Blogger Award Rules:-

1.) Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.

2.) Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.

3.) Nominate 11 other bloggers to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.

4.) List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.

  My questions are:-

1) what is the worst incident of your life? 

2) what is the best incident of your life? 

3) By whom you fear most? 

4) What will u say about me as a blogger? 

5) According to u, the demerit of my blog? 

6) which is the one post by me, you like most? 

7) write your thoughts about love. 

8) write your favorite movie, film celebrity, sportsman. 

9) what’s the craziest moment of your life?

10) if you get the chance in past, which one thing you like to change? 

11) your favorite indian food?         

Thanks a lot for reading, friends. Much Love!

Never lose that smile 🙂